Live Music: Aubrey Olson

LIVE MUSIC: Friday, September 22 from 4-6 pm in Moberg Park!

Aubrey Olson grew up in the sleepy town of Lindstrom MN and has been writing song since the age of 13. She earned her bachelors of science in music in the fall of 2015, and plays regularly at coffee shops, wineries and churches. Her song writing style changes with her mood, but if she were to be categorized, she would fall under a country/folk genre. Her lyrical content shifts from romance, life issues, and God. 


Live Music: Brian Peterson

Pop, country, jazz – Family Friendly music!

Since 1991, Brian Peterson, a Twin Cities singer-guitarist-songwriter, has been charming audiences with his dazzling skills and vast repertoire. In addition to his five CDs of original songs, he plays a song list that includes the music of Irving Berlin, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan and the Beatles. It’s a joyful sampling of the best music of our lives.

LIVE MUSIC from 4-6 pm at Moberg Park!


Live Music: Kirk & Low

LIVE MUSIC from 4-6 pm in Moberg Park!

KIRK & LOW, Jim Kirkendall and Stevie Low are from Minneapolis, musically joining together in the fall of 2012.
Both are veteran entertainers who perform different styles of music during separate solo sets that offer the audience an engaging variety of music.
Both have performed extensively throughout the United States and Canada.
Both present selections of original material as well as favorite covers from the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, John Prine, Rolling Stones, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash and more.
A performance with KIRK & LOW is fast paced, entertaining and designed to draw the listener in to be part of the show. These are two seasoned pros in one setting.
JIM KIRKENDALL spent many years touring the singer/songwriter circuit of U.S. and Canadian saloons/clubs, colleges and coffee houses. Jim performs with both six and twelve string guitars and a smooth vocal style that seamlessly interweaves country, folk and Americana. Jim interacts well with the audience including the possibility of a sing a long or two during his performance.
STEVIE LOW spent many years playing with a wide range of musical groups.  In 2011, Stevie was inducted into the Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as part of the popular rock group “The Buzzards”!  Stevie’s style has an implied beat, using just acoustic guitar and voice. Stevie plays a mixture of rock-a-billy, folk rock, country, and early Rock n Roll which will keep toes tapping and hands clapping. Throw in a few humorous stories and you’ll enjoy an entertaining and fun musical experience.
Since their inception in 2012, KIRK & LOW have successfully performed in a variety of venues such as clubs, lounges, coffee houses, farmers markets and festivals in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.  Due to the variety of styles and their songbooks,KIRK & LOW are able to tailor their performance to the type of audience they are playing to—guaranteed to make you smile.
KIRK & LOW, performing separately together.

Live Music: Bobby & Christine

Bobby & Christine are an emerging folk act featuring one guitar, two voices, and a variety of percussive elements. The mix is primarily interpretations of deeper tracks of well-known artists, infused with some original songs and original flatpicking instrumentals.

Bobby’s influences include The G. Dead, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Christine has a mellow and smooth voice,.a nice ear for traditional folk harmonies, and tends towards Sarah Maclachlan, K.D. Lang, and The Indigo Girls. Vocally she sounds a bit like Mary Chapin Carpenter ….like Mary she makes sure you can hear the words she sings.
They present a bit of a boy/girl odd couple….though it comes off rather well. Bobby ‘s personable, bold, gravelly vocals combine with Christine’s soft, fluid tone that lends interest and variety. His skill as a guitarist gives the listener something to grab and hang onto. They break a lot of rules, improvising not only chord  progressions, guitar riffs and harmonies, but often the lyrics themselves.
You will hear a fair number of tunes you recognize, but will find their arrangements both dramatic and refreshing.
LIVE MUSIC, Fridays from 4-6 pm in Moberg Park!