puppet show

Puppet Show – “Way of the Monarch”

Performance by In the Heart of the Beast Mask & Puppet Theatre

The Way of the Monarch follows the spectacular metamorphosis and migration of the monarch butterfly. This beloved creature transforms from egg to larva to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly to international traveler.

Puppet Show – “On the Day You Were Born”

On the Day You Were Born

Pre-K – 3rd grade, 30 minutes

Based on the award winning children’s book by Debra Frasier, the story explores the scientific phenomena that unfolded on the day “you”entered the world. This toy theater production combines puppetry, poetry and music that celebrate the natural miracle of the earth. The author’s radiant collage illustrations translate to a miniature stage as puppeteers open trick boxes releasing the wonders described in the book.

Puppet Shows are coming SOON!

SAVE the DATES: July 31st @ 3:30 pm & August 21st @ 5:00 pm 2015

puppet show "on the day you were born"

“On the Day You Were Born” – July 31st @ 3:30 pm – IN THE HEART OF THE BEAST MASK & PUPPET THEATRE

 Chisago City Farmers Market is proud to present TWO PUPPET SHOWS by In the Heart of the Beast Mask & Puppet Theatre!

"Way of the Monarch" Puppet Show

“Way of the Monarch” – August 21st @ 5 pm – IN THE HEART OF THE BEAST MASK & PUPPET THEATRE

Since 1973, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre has been using water, flour, newspaper, paint, and unlimited imagination to tell stories that explore the struggles and celebrations of human existence.

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre believes that puppetry’s power lies in the act of transformation – of bringing something inanimate to life.  This act in itself speaks to our lives, which rise and fall and rise again.

Come one, come all to experience first hand the power and joy of this ancient art!


What’s up with their name?

The theatre’s original name was Powderhorn Puppet Theatre in honor of the neighborhood in which our theatre is located, Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis. In 1979, company member and poet Steven Linsner suggested the name “In the Heart of the Beast” as a metaphor for the theater. He wrote,

To be puppeteers in the Heart of the Beast…

…is to find ourselves in the great world Beast made of families, races, ages, sexes, classes, corporations and nations, people, (and creatures!) all different, working out a way to live together.

…is to work puppets. To hold life in our hands, to sense how we are all like puppets—worked by instincts, voices, and forces above us and below us.

…is to carry and protect something very old like a heart within us, a secret, a promise. Like carrying a flickering candle through a dark place. Like carrying a family in a horse-drawn wagon.

…is to travel the roads of history and loss, in search of something like a new heart: new communities, new families, new work, new holidays.

…is to tell the story of people who live in the heart of the beast—as courageous and resourceful as they really are.